If you are already a registered artist on and have participated in a recent event and wish to be featured on the art festival online you will need to send us some information via email. 

the art festival online requires a specific image size. If you do not have your images formatted in this size you may still register and we will contact you to have you email the correct image size after reviewing your registration. When applying you will be asked for the following:

  • 2 Images 16x9 ratio,  890pixels wide by 501pixels high. Images for display online only need to be 72DPI. There is an example below. 
  • Bio Info
  • Email
  • Link to website or locations where your work is posted and for sale online.
  • Be aware that Social media platforms will be used to promote this event.

If you are a new artist and have not participated in any of our recent outdoor art festivals and wish to be featured on the art festival online you will need to create an account before you can register, please apply HERE.

If you have any questions on exactly how to register and apply click HERE and you will be guided to help page on How to Apply.

New artists will be required to upload images when applying the online website requires the dimension below for participation but uou may register without formatting your image. Once you are included in the online festival you will need to send 2 Images 16x9 ratio, actual size is 850pixels wide by 501pixels high. We can assist you with formatting your images.

The images below are versions of how we can assemble your images. You will need to have a horizontal image to work with. You do not need photoshop skills to adjust your images. We can create them for you from one, two, or three if your images do not fit into the exact requirements. 
    My Post 1
kahn    markbrownart2 890 501