Martin Figlinski


As a Florida native, my paintings are inspired by the things I’ve seen and experienced throughout my life. Sometimes my work is painted on location. Other times I may reference old photos, selectively rearranging things in a way that creates a more pleasing composition. Then, there are times when I pull strictly from my imagination, much in the same way an author crafts a compelling piece of fiction. I incorporate a great deal of observation and understanding of my subjects. Letting my experience shine. Other times there is no road map to follow, only intuition and familiarity in play. Collectively, these varying approaches, along with my life experiences, all come together to create work that is unique to me as an artist. I started drawing as a young child. It was my hobby. It was my escape. It was what excited me most. Eventually, I began painting, experimenting with different mediums and finally landing on oils. Now, some thirty years later, I realize it’s what I was meant to do. It’s who I am and I couldn’t imagine a life without it. It is my hope that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating and sharing it!