Tyler MacDonald


Tyler is a well known photographer. His new creative medium is guitar building. Tyler believes that building guitars is the ultimate form of bliss. A sculptural and visual work of art that will be used to create and play music. The guitar encompasses everything that represents him as an artist.
It all starts with hand selection of the raw lumber sourced from around the world. "I consider things such as tone and visual design when selecting my materials. I strive to source the most sustainable and practical woods that will be turned into a life long instrument." Once He has the materials in his shop he begins to create. Starting with sketches and then the actual carving of the wood. He uses uncomplicated and simple power tools for portions of the rough beginnings and then forms the finished piece by hand. He slowly removes slivers of wood to eventually form a guitar. He is involved with every part of the process from shaping the neck and body, inlaying the fret board, all the way to the final setup with strings. Everything is hand made and finished entirely is his small shop.
"My hope is that each and every one of these instruments finds a home, whether it is a young musician starting out, a musician touring with a band or a guitar collector. The idea that my work will be used to create music that I can then enjoy brings me such happiness, and that to me is what being an artist is all about."